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There are no bells and whistles here. No animated GIF's, flashing bars, dancing bears, etc.... Sorry about that, but I find them distracting. I didn't want anything to interfere with your enjoyment of the art. Also, some people may be disappointed to find that there are few links to other pages from here. I only want to connect with places which I think relate to my trip, and I will only add more if I discover any.

If you are interested in acquiring some of my work, please write for current prices. Please indicate the pieces you are interested in. Sales are by mail-order only at present.


I have recently had to change my email address due to this problem. Changing my address is a LOT OF WORK. I really don't want to have to do it very often.

Pease take careful note of the following:

DON'T put my address (or anyone else's) into an open list- meaning email sent out with a list of addresses in the To: and Cc: lines of the header).

ALWAYS enter lists of addressses (greater than 2) in the Bcc: line. (Blind Carbon Copy).

Bcc: this option will retain the list of addresses on the server, placing only one address per copy as it sends to each name on the list.

The problem is'Packet-sniffer 'bots', very small programs which hackers insert by stealth into an internet router's operating code to examine each packet passing through the node. The 'bot copies any with multiple @ signs and automatically sends the copy to the hacker to be compiled into lists which are sold and traded amongst spammers.

New stuff on the site:

Several new silver pieces and buckles: Castings
Please note: A cast reproduction of the little lapis sculpture DRIZARD, is available in .925 silver.

New enamel piece, DRAGON: More images

Bear Story: The bears explained.

Please see note: "early shows". I have expanded this note and I am offering a suggestion. Kind of like- "put your money where your mouth is" sort of thing. I have had a standing offer since the DP 4 album was released, of money for proof that I am wrong on the Dead's shows at FE. My new proposal, if taken up, will make it a bit more interesting- especially since none of the people who are promoting this nonsense were actually at the FE for the shows. Note: one person has tried to pass a fake- I have reference tickets, so please, don't try this, it is a waste of time.

New Albums added: Grateful Dead Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966, DP 36 ... I am now credited with 13 albums- the music on which is my recording solely, and five collections with percentages from three cuts to as high as 63%.

The upcoming: Big Brother at the Carousel Ballroom -- Sony has no schedule for release as yet (!).
Updated 21 JUN 2005